Introduction to The Studio

The Studio is the culmination of a lifetime of conversations and dreams for  Sadie and Chris – for many years they searched for the right space to accommodate their separate disciplines until  2012 when the opportunity arose to design and build their own space.  The Studio aims to be a place where individuals can come to discuss, explore and develop the techniques and skills they require to help themselves through expert guidance from Chris and Sadie.


Sadie Robilliard

Sadie’s introduction to Pilates began in 1990 at ‘The London Studio Centre’ where she undertook formal dance training. Having struggled with injury, Pilates was a great way to help with the demands of professional dance training.

At this time, Pilates had not become mainstream and was mostly only practised by dancers. This foundation, with some of the earliest teachers to bring Pilates to the UK from the US was a grounding that began Sadie’s interest in the method some twenty-three years ago.

Sadie is proud to offer a wealth of experience in the Pilates method and feels privileged to be able to share this with others and offers both private and small group classes in her fully equipped Studio.

Teaching a repertoire of both classical and contemporary Pilates, Sadie can tailor sessions to meet individual needs.


Chris Robilliard

Chris has been working as a chiropractor for the past 23 years since he qualified from the Anglo-European college of Chiropractic. Very early on in his career he became interested as to the influence of the mind on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Pursuing this interest Chris went on to gain a psychology degree with the open university and post grad qualifications in the teaching of mindfulness-based approaches.

Chris’s approach to working with individuals is based on an integrative health model. This approach emphasises integrated patient care empowering the patient by exploring and addressing the physical, mental, social and environmental influences that affect health. This method helps the individual to develop a personalised plan which supports the renewal of health and prevention of disease.


Opposite the Villette garage, there is a small lane called Rue des Escaliers (on the corner) that runs back to St.Martins school.

As you head up this lane, we are the third entrance on the left-hand side opposite an open park area. There is a stone in the driveway that says ‘LES ESCALIERS’ – the Studio is the wooden building at the end of the driveway.

Please drive slowly as you come in as we have cats, dogs, ponies and children!

The Studio