First Visit

The initial consultation will take approximately 1 hour. Within the first visit a full case history will be taken where relevant questions about the current problem will be asked , as well as further questioning about pertinent past medical history.

First VisitAfter this a physical examination will be carried out – which will consistent of standard orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic tests. If necessary blood pressure may well be taken. If it is felt that further information is required , we may well liase with your GP to arrange special imaging of the area such as X-Ray or MRI.

All female patients will be provided with a gown and your privacy and dignity will be respected at all times.

After the examination, you will be provided with a report of findings. In this report of findings the diagnosis will be explained clearly , as well as outlining the type of treatment and duration and frequency. There will be adequate opportunity for discussion and questions that may well arise. A date for re-assesment will also be set.

Unless further imaging is required, treatment will always commence on the first visit.
If Chiropractic treatment is not the best course of action for your problem, then you will be guided toward a suitable specialist to help you.

Bookings can be made by calling Chris at The Studio on 234512

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