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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be

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What’s mindfulness and does it really work?

Mindfulness meditation has become very popular in recent years. Fans claim it can be used to help stave off mental health problems, such as depression

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Five top parenting tips that should be in official lessons

What are the key things that every parent should know before they take on what is arguably the most important job of their life? The

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WebMD Special report: Teens and stress

We’ve linked to a short video (4:47 minutes), A Heavy Load: Teens and Homework Stress, illustrates the positive and meaningful impacts that our school programme

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Resilient People, Resilient Business Workshop

Surviving to Thriving Putting happiness and the ability to flourish at the very heart of the business community We invite you to join us for

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Nine Things Educators Need to Know About the Brain

In an excerpt from his new book, psychologist Louis Cozolino applies the lessons of social neuroscience to the classroom. The human brain wasn’t designed for

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Entrepreneurs and Education

Who needs qualifications for success? Three business leaders tell Evan Davis how they made it to the top after leaving school with just one A’Level

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Our Education System

Democratising Education

This audio program is copyrighted by the BBC and the original item can be found here. Embedded below for access only and may be removed

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How one city firm looked beyond poor exam grades and found talent

Exam disasters need no longer mean career calamity, after a flurry of top companies announced plans to look beyond academic results, with the aim of

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