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Five top parenting tips that should be in official lessons

What are the key things that every parent should know before they take on what is arguably the most important job of their life?

The BBC news site has a fantastic article where psychologist Zubeida Dasgupta offers five useful tips that should be at the centre of any parenting curriculum. My personal favourite is point 3.
Remember to click through to the main article if you want to see the full descriptions.

  1. Attach and tune in
  2. Look after your own mental health
  3. Don’t overfill their gaze
  4. Learn resilience, bear frustration.
  5. The “other” five-a-day

Read the full article with complete descriptions on the BBC website.

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Chris graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 1996 with a BSc and then went on to work as an associate in 2 busy clinics in Worthing and Hove. During this period he completed a further one year postgraduate diploma in Chiropractic (DC).
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