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Soaring numbers of financiers finding solace in mindfulness

‘Greed is good’ may once have been the only mantra bankers were interested in but now, it seems, the Gordon Gekkos of the world are

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Using iPads before bed ‘can lead to a poor night’s sleep’

More and more people are taking their tablets to bed with them to surf the web, check Facebook or email before switching off the light.

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Is meditation the perfect antidote to our tech-filled lives?

A major study finds meditation can be as effective as antidepressants in relieving anxiety. No wonder it’s gaining popularity among high-powered professionals.

The One Show

During The One Show on May 16th 2014, there was a short feature about Joseph Pilates. Joe Crowley discovers that pilates was invented on the

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Rise in neck and upper back problems in younger and younger patients

We are beginning to see a rise in neck and upper back in younger and younger patients – could this be the reason why ?

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Avoid back pain whilst in the garden

At this time of year – we are all getting a bit more active and doing more in the garden. Hence the increase in visits

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Who, What, Why: What is mindfulness?

The word “mindfulness” seems to be everywhere. Parliament has even started using it. But what is it? To many people, mindfulness just means “the state

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How to NOT practise pilates

This is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t use a reformer. If you’d like to learn how this should actually be done, get in

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Frantic World

This is a fantastic website – based on the even more fantastic book ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic world’ Packed with plenty of information and

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